Process Management Certification

Our process management educational programme prepares for the process management certifications from different certification institutions and for different certification levels. Additionally to our educational programme we offer coaching workshops for the preparation for process management certification exams.

Possibilities for process management certifications in Austria are offered e.g. by the WIFI certification board and by the ÖVO.

The WIFI certification board of the Austrian chamber of commerce offers a two-level certification in process management (level 1: Process Manager-PcM, level 2: Senior Process Manager-SPcM). The certificates PcM and SPcM are valid for 3 years, after that time the validity can be prolonged for 3 more years. This requires the attendance of refreshing events with a concluding written exam.

Information sheet WIFI certification

The ÖVO offers a process management certification as CBPP® (Certified Business Process Professional®), which is an internationally protected title.  The Guide of the Business Process Management Common Body of Knowledge (BPM CBOK™) forms the basis of the certification. Responsible for the BPM CBOK ™ and the certification as CBPP® is the International Association of Business Process Management Professionals (ABPMP) – which is represented in Europe by the EABPM (European Association of Business Process Management). An accreditation exam and a written exam are the conditions for gaining a CBPP® certification. A professional praxis of 5.000 hours or 4 years in the field of process management are presumed.

Further information on CBPP®-certification