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Change Management Consulting

Objectives of the change management consulting of 1st order changes are the adherence of the organizations success and/or the preparation of new developments in the organization’s context.

Objectives of the change management consulting of 2nd order changes are the modification of the identity of the organization. Strategies, structures and the culture of the organization are fundamentally changed.

Change management consulting includes the following Services:

  • Planning and structuring of change processes
  • Definition of the adequate types of organizations for the management of the particular change processes
  • Creating a “sense of urgency” for change among the members of the organization
  • Creating of adequate competences for change management
  • Planning & execution of internal change communication and stakeholder communication
  • Creating  quick wins
  • Planning & execution of measures to reduce resistance and increase constructive discussions

Change management consulting is performed by a consulting team in cooperation with representatives of the respective company.
Change management consulting is performed on the basis of the management approach RGC CHANGE.