RGC PROCESS – methods and organizations for sustainable process management

Process definition

A process is a defined, comprehensive sequence of tasks that requires the cooperation of several roles from one or more organizations. Elements of processes are tasks, decisions, and the interrelation between the tasks and decisions.

Tasks of process management 

Process management tasks can be differentiated in macro & micro-process management tasks.

Macro-process management focuses on the company’s process portfolio, the processes that it contains and their interrelations. Macro-process management tasks include the identification of processes, the structuring of the process portfolio (e.g. in a process map) and the definition of process managers. 

Micro-process management focuses on the individual processes and their sub-processes. Micro-process management tasks include planning, controlling and optimizing of individual processes.


RGC PROCESS in comparison to traditional process management approaches 

Criterion RGC PROCESS Traditional process management
  • Process as a social construct
  • Process as a sequence of tasks that requires the cooperation of several roles from one or several organizations
  • Process as an objective reality
  • Process as a set of tasks, by which input is transformed into output
Process management
  • Differentiation in macro & micro-process management
  • Process management as a set of methods
Objectives of process management
  • Assurance of efficiency, organizational learning, individual learning
  • Assurance of efficiency
Process management and project, program and project portfolio managementt
  • Synergies by considering the interrelationships
  • Interrelationships are not considered
Methods of macro-process management
  • Process maps
  • Process chains
  • Process networks
  • Process portfolio reports
  • Process maps
Methods of micro-process management
  • Process definition
  • Process work breakdown structure
  • Flow chart
  • Responsibility matrix
  • Process ratios
  • Process controlling reports 
  • Process maps
  • Flow chart
  • Process ratios 
Organizations for performing processes
  • Permanent and temporary organizations (projects, programs)
  • Permanent organizations
Organizational design of companies
  • Combination of process and project-orientation
  • Process-orientation


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