Book: Happy Projects!

New theories • Models • Best Practices • Case Studies

The book “Happy Projects!” is published by the MANZ publishing and available in the 3rd edition (German edition).

Short description

“Happy Projects!” is the handbook for project owners, project managers and managers of the project oriented company (project portfolio team members, PM office staff etc.). The book describes project and programme management, project portfolio management as well as the management of the project oriented company.

The book topics range from the methods for project and programme management, project organizations, project portfolio management to the quality assurance in project and programmes, supported by many graphics and overviews.
Numerous overviews and illustrations support the better understanding – a comprehensive access in efficient planning and performance of projects is provided. It is an important handbook from the practice for management trainers, consultants and students!

Book Order

In connection with our seminars and trainings you can order “Happy Projects” in German and English via RGC.

Available Titles

German: Happy Projects! (Manz,  September 2006, 3rd edition)
English: Happy Projects! (Manz, November 2005, 1st edition)