sPROJECT – The project management tool of RGC


  • Project manual containing 23 documents for the project initiation and project management
  • Content of project manual: Investment – and project assignment, objects of consideration, project objectives, work break down structure, project schedule plans, project resource plans, project budget, project organization chart, stakeholder analysis etc.
  • Integrated solution: from the project initiation to the project close down
  • Holistic project view: focus on the social complexity in projects
  • Consideration of the principles of sustainable development
  • Customizable to varying complexity of different projects
  • Simple implementation – immediately available

What does sPROJECT offer?

The excel-tool sPROJECT supports the processes „project initiation“ and „project management“ with the sub-process „project starting“, „project controlling“ and „project closing“.

Outputs of sPROJECT are an integrated project manual (project assignment, investment analysis, objects of consideration, objectives plan, work break down structure, gantt chart, stakeholder analysis, project organization chart etc.) as well as documents for project controlling & project closing.

How is sPROJECT different from other tools?

sPROJECT does not only provide documents for project management, but also for the project initiation (investment analysis, investment assignment, project assignment)

It considers the principles of sustainable development; it supports a holistic project view and an adequate management of the complexity of a project.

For what kind of projects is sPROEJCT suitable?

sPROJECT is designed to support the project initiation and the project management of small to medium sized projects, regardless of their specific content.

sPROJECT serves SMEs (small & medium enterprises) as well as large corporations across all industries, public service institutions and non-profit organizations.

Who can work with sPROJECT?

On the one hand, sPROJECT offers project management rookies the opportunity to put acquired theoretical knowledge into practice; on the other hand, it offers project management professionals the opportunity apply familiar methods in an innovative way.

sPROJECT supports the management tasks of project owners / Sponsors, project managers, project team members and members of the PM Office.


Fur further information please contact or + 43 1 367 70 22.

ONEPOINT Projects – Hybrid Project & Portfolio Management Solution


  • ONEPOINT Projects is a 100% web-based project and portfolio management solution available as cloud service or server installation
  • ONEPOINT Projects covers the entire project life cycle, is clearly structured, easy-to-use and quick to install
  • ONEPOINT enables project-oriented organizations to increase project and portfolio transparency, shorten project lead times, better implement best practices and optimize resource utilization
  • Simple, traditional, agile and Jira projects are integrated into a single project portfolio and resource utilization database

What does ONEPOINT Projects offer?

  • Extensive features for single and multi project management, as well as program and portfolio management capabilities are in line with IPMA, PMI and PRINCE2 standards
  • Interactive project and resource planning, time and cost tracking, as well as integrated project controlling and status reporting
  • Two mobile apps, ONEPOINT 360 – a multi-project dashboard for management and ONEPOINT ME for project contributors, make project management easier on the go
  • Via ONEPOINT’s strong two-way synchronization with Jira even Jira projects can be seamlessly integrated into standards-based project management
  • ONEPOINT is easily extensible with optional modules such as Risk Management, Portfolio Analysis, or Strategic Management Option
  • Additional integrations like Confluence or SAP are also available

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