Since October 2013 RGC is a member of PMUni – An international network of universities for professional education and research in process & project management. Roland Gareis is the chairman of the PMUni board.

Objectives of PMUni

PMUni is a network of university departments and research institutions with the objective to promote professional education and research in process and project management. It is strengthening existing contacts between PMUni partners and is establishing new contacts between the partners and guests. PMUni as a social network has voluntary, independent partners, has relatively open boundaries, is decentrally organized and allows for multiple roles and functions of the PMUni partners.

Members of PMUni as of October 2013

University Department Board Member
1 Department of Strategy and ProjectCorvinus University of Budapest, Hungary Prof. Dr. Mihály Görög
2 Department of Production and Quality EngineeringNorwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway Prof. Dr. Ing.Bjorn Andersen
Roland Gareis Consulting GmbH, Vienna Prof. Dr.Roland Gareis
Logo_FH_bfi 2013-05 d Project Management and Information Technology University of Applied Sciences bfi Vienna, Austria Mag. (FH) Ina Pircher
5 Faculty of Economics and ManagementUniversity of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Netherlands Prof. Gilbert Silvius
6 Department of Quantitative MethodsUniversity of Pannonia, Hungary Prof. Dr.Zsolt Kosztyán
7 Department of Environmental and Business EconomicsUniversity of Southern Denmark, Denmark Prof. PhDPernille Eskerod
8 Department of CommunicationsUniversity of Zilina, Slovakia Prof. PhDTatiana Corejova
9 Information Management & Economic Systems DepartmentSaint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Russia Prof. Igor Ilyin
10 Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Management   DepartmentBabes-Bolyai University,   Romania Teaching Assistant PhD Ioana Muresan
11 Project Management, Languages, Strategy and   Entrepreneurship Department Assistant Dr. Lecoeuvre Laurence
12 Leiter IfWI Univ. Prof. Dr. (TU) Georg Balmer