We consult permanent & temporary organizations. We perceive projects & programs as temporary organizations. They are objects of our consulting services.

Our maturity analysis models lay the groundwork for our consulting services. We analyze the status-quo together with our clients based on these models and jointly derive tailored measures for improvement.

  • pmHEALTH: Analysis of project- & programmanagement maturity as well as specific project- / program structures
  • coMATURE: Analysis of the maturity of project-oriented companies as well as their specific structures
  • pcMATURE: Analysis of process management maturity of permanent & temporary organizations
  • hrMATURE: Analysis of individual competences of the personnel of permanent & temporary organizations
  • teamMATURE: Analysis of team-competences of permanent & temporary organizations
  • officeMATURE: Analysis of the maturity of the PM Office / PcM Office of project-oriented companies

We cooperate with our customers on the basis of a systemic-constructivist consulting approach. The relationships to our customers we value Quality, Sustainable Development, Transparency, Empowerment & Innovation.