About RGC

RGC is an international consulting and training company. We further develop the competences of our clients in project, process and change management.


Victoria Cupet

Senior Consultant, Network Partner
  • Training, coaching and consulting give me the opportunity to connect with many people on professional and personal level
  • I find peace and balance when I spend time with my boys and my husband

Ursula Löffler

Senior Consultant
  • Project management trainer since 2005
  • Since 2010 trainer at universities of applied sciences
  • Consultant for the introduction of company-wide project management and implementation with MS Project Server (online)
  • Experience as a project manager and PMO leader in IT, organizational development, innovation and product development projects
  • Project Management Professional (PMI®) certification
  • Certification Senior Project Manager (IPMA® Level B)
  • Microsoft Certified Professional MS Project Server
  • Training as a trainer in online formats

Ilie Dragan

Senior Consultant, Network Partner
  • I am very passionate about project management, the organisational challenges driven by PM and the complexity of different systems
  • Teaching is my job, but also my hobby, so every working day is a very joyfull day for me
  • I like travelling and discovering the complexity of nations and individuals

Peter Birnstingl

Senior Consultant, Network Partner
  • An systemic attitude enables more stoicism!
  • Without self-efficacy and individual responsibility no progress!
  • Contact with nature synchronises body and mind!

Gilbert Lassnig

Senior Consultant, Network Partner
  • Projects are like sailing: no wind is favourable to those who do not know where they want to sail – therefore: set goals!
  • Flexibility results from planning: we cannot control the wind, but we can set the sails.
  • It motivates me to stay on course in the (project) team with common goals and to celebrate in the harbor at the end!

Claudia Euler-Rolle

Consultant, Network Partner
  • Trainer for project management, entrepreneur  and passionate mother
  • Loves tapas and the Spanish flair

Annegret Frank-Karwautz

  • Loves the variety and diversity of her work
  • Spends her free time with her family and a good coffee
  • Enjoys her daily cycling tour across Vienna to the RGC office

Haldis Gareis

  • Ensures timly incoming payments
  • Enjoys gardening at any season

Caroline Rotter

Consultant, Trainer & Networkpartner
  • My enthusiasm is to give project teams new impetus and to awaken their strengths and potential.
  • For me structure and organization in projects form the basis for igniting the team spirit.
  • In my free time I prefer to experience my thirst for adventure and joy of discovery in the mountains, by the water or on my racing bike.

Roland Gareis

Managing Director
  • We are family! … and Reichenau is alive!
  • My job is challenging, varied and a lot of fun…
  • For ever young! Long live sport!

Marcus Paulus

Senior Consultant & Networkpartner

For me, equestrian sport and projects have a lot in common:

  • clear goals, good preparation and planning
  • unequivocal communication, reckoning with obstacles and overcoming them.

…. and when it’s done, celebrate properly!

Roland Kautz

Senior Consultant, Network Partner
  • Working with people and organizations on their day-to-day project work is exciting.
  • Keep your mind alive – that’s what keeps you going!
  • Living with four kids in addition to the RGC – that’s applied project management!

David Spreitzer

Senior Consultant, Network Partner

What motivates me:

  • Organise project and portfolio management in a transparent and smooth manner
  • Help project managers with their challenges and share experiences
  • Complete projects and celebrate together

Michael Stummer

Principal Consultant
  • Believes that authenticity is important
  • Integrates change, project and process …
    and gets the best ideas while running or playing Lego

Stefanie Müller

Marketing, PR & Event Management
  • Ensures an overview and organization in the office.
  • Enjoys her free time with her animal companions.

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