RGC Training

We focus on delivering practical know-how on project-, process- and change management, social competences and business analysis. We deliver this know-how in our open trainings as well as in in-house trainings.

Training content
Overall impression

Good – very good ratings of our participants from 2018 to 2021.

RGC Consulting

Benefit from our knowledge and experience developed in over 30 years of consulting services.

We consult companies on project, process and change management. We also consult projects and programs, which we perceive as temporary organizations.

RGC Events


  • International  and national speakers
  • 3 online & live Meetings, each 120‘
  • Presentations and discussions in German and in English
  • … as always: RGC innovations


HAPPYPROJECTS 24 Meeting 1, 18th April 2024

15:30–17:30 Uhr

HAPPYPROJECTS 24 Meeting 2, 16th May 2024

15:30–17:30 Uhr

HAPPYPROJECTS 24 Meeting 3, September 2024

15:30–17:30 Uhr

Online & live starting in April 2024
Free of charge

Cooperation Partners

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