RGC is an internationally recognized innovator and thought leader in project, program and change management. Our innovative management approaches are published internationally and presented in events.

“Values for Business Value“

represents the mindset on which the RGC management approaches are based.

Holistic definition of solutions and boundaries

Sustainable business value as success criterion

Quick realization of results and efficiency

Iterative approach


Continuous and discontinuous learning

and resilience

Frequent, visually supported communication

Holistic definition of solutions, boundaries

  • Describing a solution holistically, avoiding sub-optimizations
  • Defining the content-related and social boundaries consistantly

Sustainable business value as success criterion

  • Ensuring the business value by controlling the benefits realization
  • Considering principles of sustainable development in management

Quick realization of results and efficiency

  • Ensuring quick wins
  • Stopping an unsuccessful activities in time
  • Using management methods efficiently and flexibly

Iterative approach

  • Defining, prioritizing requirements iteratively
  • Using agile methods


  • Perceiving the product owner as  an organizational role
  • Managing of and for stakeholders
  • Integrating stakeholders

Continuous and discontinuous learning

  • Using feedbacks and reflections for organizational and individual learning
  • Promoting learning and de-learning
  • Perceiving and managing changes explicitly

Empowerment and resilience

  • Promoting empowerment of team members, teams and organizations
  • Ensuring resilience of team members, teams and organizations

Frequent, visually supported communication

  • Performing stand-up meetings, reflections
  • Using scrum boards, plans, score cards etc. for communication


Gareis R., Gareis L., 1st edition (English), 2018

14 years after the best selling publication “Happy Projects!” Roland Gareis partnered with his son Lorenz Gareis to publish the demanded successor “PROJECT.PROGRAM.CHANGE”. It is intended as a handbook for „intrapreneurs“ of project-oriented organizations, i.e. for project managers, program managers, change managers and the owners of projects, programs and changes. On the other hand, it is also a textbook for management trainers and consultants, for researchers and teachers in universities and universities of applied sciences as well as for students.

RGC Innovating

  • We continue to develop our know-how in sprint-based innovation projects. Key results are published and presented.
  • In research, we cooperate with universities, colleges and companies. Feedback from peer review groups is used for quality assurance.
  • The integrative approach of project, program and change management contributes significantly to our USP.
  • Since 1988, we focus on thought leadership activities. It all started with “Management by Projects” as the revolutionary topic of the IPMA World Congress 1990 in Vienna.

Thought Leadership:
for more than 30 years!

2019 – 2021

Mindset of the project-oriented company

Processes and methods for adapting the mindset
Consequences of an agile mindset for project, program & change management


Project, Program, Change

Integrative consideration of management approaches
Securing sustainable business values



Integrating Process, Project & Change Management
Corporate Governance of the process- and project-oriented company


Sustainable Development & Project Management

Integrating project process and change management
Corporate governance of the project-oriented company


Changemanagement & Projects

Re-thinking project process & changemanagement
Principles of sustainable development


Sectoral Process & Project Management

Macro and micro process management in different sectors
Sector-specific project management standards


Project-oriented Society

Analysis and benchmarking of project-oriented societies
programmIaustria – the Austrian project management initiative


Maturity of the Project-oriented Company

Analysis and benchmarking of the project-oriented society
Consulting and auditing of projects and programs


Projektmanagement Benchmarking

Project & program management processes
Benchmarking of project & program management


Crisis Management

Avoidance, provision for and resolution of crises in project-oriented companies
anagement of crises in the society


Management by Projects

Strategies, structures and cultures of the project-oriented company
Systemic-constructivistic project management

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