We focus on delivering practical know-how on project-, process- and change management, social competences and business analysis. We deliver this know-how in our open trainings as well as in in-house trainings.

Why should you further develop your individual and/or collective competences?


Project Management

Agile Approaches

Social Competence

Process Management

Change Management


Benefits of the RGC trainings

… for the participant:

  • Further development of competences (expertise, social competence, self-competence) for the application “on the job”; networking with other participants.

… for colleagues of the participant:

  • More professional and efficient cooperation after the participation in the training.

… for superiors of the participant:

  • More professional fulfilment of the tasks after the participation. Potential for a better achievement of the objectives of the participant.

… for the company sending the participant:

  • More professional and efficient fulfilment of tasks after the participation; better contribution to the achievement of the company’s objectives.