ESG & Projekte?!


  • The HAPPYPROJECTS Conference “all year long” – for those who can’t get enough
  • Practical experience: Lectures and panel discussions in 3 online meetings
  • Online, live & free: Socially distant, emotionally close, better together!


  • Assessment of the relevance of the new EU regulations for projects, investments, project-oriented companies
  • Presentation of specifics of the consideration of ESG factors for projects, investments, project-oriented companies
  • Focus on the social and economic factors and less on the environmental factors of sustainability, as the latter are very dependent on the respective industry and business model
  • Perception of sustainability not as a cost driver or limitation but as a source of new opportunities, innovations and competitive advantages

Speakers at HAPPYPROJECTS 23

  • Roland Gareis, Roland Gareis Consulting GmbH, AT; “Happy Projects for a Sustainable Business Value!”
  • Christina Hubin & Carina Roth, Rubin Consulting GmbH, AT; “(Projekt-) MitarbeiterInnen im Einklang mit ESG“
  • Friedrich Prem, Städtisches Klinikum Braunschweig Geschäftsbereich: Bau & Technik, Changemanagement, DE; „ESG & Geschäftsbereich: Facility Management“
  • Katharina Kleinschrot, Technische Universität Dresden, DE; „Zukunft verbindet – So gelingt die ESG Transformation.“
  • Verena Niederkofler, GKN Hydrogen HSE & Nachhaltigkeit, IT; „Nachhaltigkeit: Aber wie in Projekten?“
  • Wolfgang Robineau & Maximilian Gutmensch, ZKW Group GmbH, AT; „ESG & Automotive Projekte“


Roland Gareis (RGC, AT)
Happy Projects for a Sustainable Business Value!

Christina Hubin & Carina Roth (Rubin Consulting, AT)
“(Projekt-) MitarbeiterInnen im Einklang mit ESG”

Friedrich Prem (Städtisches Klinikum Braunschweig, DE)
„ ESG & Geschäftsbereich: Facility Management“

Katharina Kleinschrot (Technische Universität Dresden, DE)
„Zukunft verbindet – So gelingt die ESG Transformation.”

Verena Niederkofler (GKN Hydrogen HSE & Nachhaltigkeit, IT)
“Nachhaltigkeit: Aber wie in Projekten?”

Wolfgang Robineau & Maximilian Gutmensch (ZKW Group, AT)
“ESG & Automotive Projekte”

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