PROJECT.PROGRAM.CHANGE presents selected concepts and models from the literature, but above all from the observations and experiences of the authors as managers and consultants.

It is intended as a handbook for „intrapreneurs“ of project-oriented organizations, i.e. for project managers, program managers, change managers and the owners of projects, programs and changes. On the other hand, it is also a textbook for management trainers and consultants, for researchers and teachers in universities and colleges as well as for students.


The book PROJECT.PROGRAM.CHANGE provides information about …

  • social system theory and radical constructivism as the epistemological context of project, program and change managing,
  • using projects, programs and changes to implement organizational strategies and investments,
  • the importance of project, program and change initiating for the successful performance of projects,
  • the managing of requirements in sequential and iterative approaches,
  • fulfilling solution requirements „by projects“,
  • the perception of project, program and change managing as business processes of the project-oriented organization,
  • the objectives, methods and roles of the business processes „Project managing“, „Program managing“ and „Change managing“,
  • the values underlying the systemic management approach, for example holistic boundaries, sustainable development, agility, empowerment and resilience,
  • the difference between processing change requests and change managing,
  • the strategies, structures and cultures of a project-oriented organization and
  • the redefinition of project, program and change managers as „intrapreneurs“ of project-oriented organizations.


The book is a challenging, complex, and diverse field of work. It covers the necessities for project, program and change success. It is the right approach and one to be expected from experienced practicioners like Roland and Lorenz Gareis.
Ed Hoffman
Strategic Advisor, Project Management Institute, Inc. (PMI®)


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Available Titles

German: PROJEKT.PROGRAMM.CHANGE (Manz Verlag, April 2017, 1. Auflage)
English: PROJECT.PROGRAM.CHANGE (CRC Press, September 2018, 1st Edition)