Yes, “all year long” for all of you, who cannot get enough of our HAPPYPROJECTS …

For 2024 we chose a specific format: From April until October we perform 3 HAPPYPROJECTS online meetings with the overall topic of “Back to the Project Future”


  • International  and national speakers
  • 3 online & live Meetings, each 120‘
  • Presentations and discussions in German and in English
  • … as always: RGC innovations
Online & live starting in April 2024
Free of charge


  • Project management lives! Survival is ensured through continuous improvement.
  • What from the approaches of the 1970s is still relevant today?
  • Which developments since the 1990s are being implemented?
  • How are agile frameworks, sustainability, artificial intelligence, etc., integrated into projects and project management?

Dates, content & speakers

And here is the program of the HAPPYPROJECTS 24 all year long “Back to the Project Future”:

April 18th 2024
3:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Projektmanagement – yesterday, today & tomorrow

Roland Gareis (RGC)

OKR & Projektmanagement: Brückenbau zwischen Vision und Umsetzung

Lorenz Gareis & Insa Meier (BGN)


Roland Gareis

Roland Gareis Consulting GmbH

Lorenz Gareis

Beratergruppe Neuwaldegg

Insa Meier

Beratergruppe Neuwaldegg

Patric Prasch

scc EDV Beratungs GmbH

Thomas Hauser

scc EDV Beratungs GmbH

Philipp Rettenbacher

Wien Energie GmbH

Anja Grabmeier

Hochschule Hof, University of Applied Sciences

Manuela Wimmer

Hochschule Hof, University of Applied Sciences


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