RGC Innovating

RGC Innovating ensures the continuous development of the RGC management approaches. By our management innovations we differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

The innovation topics since the year 1988 show the chronology of the development from our roots – project management – to the management of the project-oriented company, to process management, to change management, to social competence and finally to sustainable development. Latest research results are compiled in our publications.

Thought Leadership: for more than 30 years!

2016- Agility & Self-Organization
2014–2015 ONEmanagement
Integrating Process, Project & Change ManagementCorporate Governance of the process- and project-oriented company
2010–2013 Sustainable Development & Project ManagementIntegrating project process and change management
Corporate governance of the project-oriented company
2009–2010 Changemanagement & Projects
Re-thinking project process & changemanagement
Principles of sustainable development
2007–2008 Sectoral Process & Project Management
Macro and micro process management in different sectorsSector-specific project management standards
2001–2006 Project-oriented Society
Analysis and benchmarking of project-oriented societiesprogrammIaustria – the Austrian project management initiative
1998–2000 Maturity of the Project-oriented Company
Analysis and benchmarking of the project-oriented society
Consulting and auditing of projects and programs
1995–1997 Projektmanagement Benchmarking
Project & program management processesBenchmarking of project & program management
1992–1994 Crisis Management
Avoidance, provision for and resolution of crises in project-oriented companies
Management of crises in the society
1988–1991 Management by Projects
Strategies, structures and cultures of the project-oriented company
Systemic-constructivistic project management

Current innovation projects:

  • Business modeling and strategy
  • Digitalisation by changes