Journal: Changes & Projects


To make a start in filling the gap between change management and project management, the special issue of the International Journal of Project Management “Changes & Projects” is published by Elsevier. The objectives of the special issue are to

  • define change as well as change types, change objects and change dimensions,
  • describe the processes of different change types,
  • clarify the relationship between change management and project and programme management,
  • introduce methods and roles for the management of changes, for dealing with resistance to change,
  • inform about changes of different permanent organizations, such as companies, profit and cost centers,
  • provide case studies from different industries for different change types,
  • show the application of different research approaches and research methods, such as literature reviews, single and multiple case studies.


Im Zusammenhang mit unseren Seminaren und Lehrgängen ist der Bezug von  „Changes & Projects“ in englischer  Sprache über die RGC möglich.